Salem Support for Microsoft Defender

January 26, 2023

Salem, the virtual cyber analyst, now has out of the box support for Microsoft Defender!

Salem helps Microsoft Defender customers more efficiently investigate cyber alerts. New alerts created by Defender are automatically forwarded to Salem for investigation. Salem adds context and uses ML & AI analytics to decide if that alert is likely to represent acceptable business activity or truly is a threat that needs escalation.

Salem helps ensure your organization can respond well to cyber threats even on nights, weekends, and holidays. When a new priority threat is confirmed by Salem, your team will get a proactive notification in Microsoft Teams.

About Salem

Salem is a cutting edge, automated, virtual cyber analyst.

Our decision technology enables firms to triage and respond better. Every organization receives cybersecurity alerts that are analyzed by a team of people. Most of these alerts (~90%+) are false positives. Our decision platform, Salem, learns cyber-relevant business context, triages existing cyber alerts, and escalates relevant threats to the firm's cyber ops team. As firms' needs evolve, they seek innovative ways to efficiently expand cyber monitoring capabilities despite constrained resources. Salem helps them achieve this outcome.

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