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Find the cyber alerts that actually matter
Salem is a platform that analyzes your cyber alerts, learns your business context, and separates false positives from likely threats.
We literally do this:
Automatically investigate all cyber alerts that your existing detection tools produce, using AI-backed software. We use your current tools to only escalate real threats.
And we do it because...
Your detection technology can produce an overwhelming number of cyber alerts to investigate. Only a few actually matter. The largest organizations find 2 to 4 cyber alerts every week that are worth their time to follow up on.
It matters when:
CISOs ask...
Is my team responding well, consistently?
Managers want...
Shorter time to detect/contain, within their budget.
Analysts demand...
Relevant and actionable alerts.
We’re enterprise ready
With Salem, you can rest assured that your cybersecurity operations are not only efficient but also in full compliance with industry and legal standards.
SOC 2 Compliant
Compliant for both SOC 2 Type 1 and SOC 2 Type 2.
Microsoft Partnership
We are currently in the Azure marketplace with the Sentinel marketplace coming soon.
Local data processing
We deploy in your cloud environment so your data remains your data.

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