Case study
Big Pharma + Salem
Through escalating important threats, Salem has earned the trust of SOC analysts.
Organizations want to identify threats in real time, so they invest in tools to help them do that. Through implementing 10 to 20 detection tools, companies create operational overhead; the stress of managing this overhead by SOC Analysts creates what the industry refers to as Alert Fatigue
Enter Salem. Salem collects alerts from current detection tools and using AI, analyzes each one to find what really matters to a company. Whereas current tools are overburdened with false positives, Salem only escalates real threats.
Salem analyzed alerts from 65,000 endpoints and achieved the following:
Faster mean-time-to-detect (MTTD)
10 min
Average mean-time-to respond, a decrease from 1 hour
Average number of alerts Salem escalates per week
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Salem shortens our mean time-to-detect.
Head of Incident Response at a Fortune 100 Enterprise

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