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Product Manager

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Job Summary

As a Product Manager at Salem Cyber, you will take ownership of the creation and execution of our product roadmap. You will engage directly with customers, users, team members, partners, and more to build and refine products that are simple, useful, and solve customer needs. We are product-led, so the Product Manager role is central to not just our GTM approach but our culture & ethos


Moreover, we are looking for an exceptional person who has an entrepreneurial mindset and is eager to create.


Why Salem?

Already a seasoned Product Manager, but haven’t yet worked at a startup? Here are 3 big reasons to join a startup:

1.    Accelerate personal development

2.    Make a direct and tangible impact to customers and the business

3.    Have immense financial upside that you can influence the outcome on


At Salem, you can have all 3 of these in spades. Salem Cyber was recognized as a top 10 tech start-up to watch in North Carolina, the #1 state for business.


Not sold yet? Then, ask yourself a few questions.

-      Do you want to build B2B products with a B2C user experience?

-      Are you hungry to create and lead a new category?

-      Do you want to want to be an entrepreneur but don’t yet have the right problem & solution set you’re passionate about?

-      Are you looking to prove you can create value, learn & solve customer needs, accelerate growth, and all the other relevant buzzwords?

-      Do you want to work alongside talented people, be a cultural add-on, and lead a business?


If you say yes to one or more of these questions, then we are eager to meet you and discover what we can build together!


Location and Start

We define "hybrid" as roughly an 80% remote and 20% in-person mix of work. As we grow, our team will meet together in our HQ (Winston-Salem, NC) for a 3-4 day "Salem Summit" once a month. Beyond the Salem Summits, there is no minimum expectation of working from our HQ office. However, the Marketer role may require attendance of certain national / regional industry events and customer meetings on a periodic basis.

Don't live in the area, but considering relocation? Relocation isn't required for the role, but we offer a relocation incentive for those who move to within a 2-hour drive of the office (e.g., Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro).


The target start date is July 2023, but we are flexible so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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