Virtual Cyber Analyst

Supercharge Your Cyber Defense

Amplifying cyber defenders' superpowers with the right information, right when they need it

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Elevate the right alerts

Salem analyzes your existing cyber alerts in real time to fine the small number that actually require your attention.

Hunt for Hidden Threats

Your team doesn't have time for low and medium severity alerts. Let Salem do the heavy lifting and only send you the alerts that matter.

Train New Analysts

Salem can use what it has learned to answer questions from new analysts about incident response, protecting your institutional knowledge.

Salem Investigates cyber Alerts

Salem's AI engine analyzes every alert that comes into your SOC, identifies the ones that matter and pushes them to the front of the line.

Recognizing Salem's Impact

NC Tech Association Winner of Top 10 tech startup to watch badge
2022 Top Startup to Watch
NC Tech Association Finalist for Cyber innovation aware badge
2022 Cyber Innovation award finalist

How Salem Works for You

1. Salem learns your business

Salem learns what makes your business unique and how you investigate cyber events
Salem asks questions to gain important institutional knowledge

2. Salem analyzes your cyber alerts

Salem's AI analyzes alerts from your existing tools, including popular SIEM platforms.
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3. Salem escalates validated threats

Most cyber alerts are false positives. Salem does the work to find threats that require your attention and gets them in front of your team.
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