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Michael Flynn
Software Engineer


Michael is currently a Software Engineer at D&T. He is a generalist who enjoys bouncing from idea to idea and concept to concept moving across the entirety of the software sphere (and really, every “sphere”). He has worked across five languages and multiple disciplines, building a continually growing knowledge bank.

Why Salem

Salem Cyber was a new challenge, a new set of responsibilities, and a new branch of skills for Michael. Being a start-up in intersecting areas of interest (Machine Learning and Cybersecurity), Salem Cyber presented a solid step in Michael's career.


Michael was responsible for managing collective tasks across nominal projects including documentation, planning, maintaining code, and machine learning specifications.

Career Highlights

Michael’s professional roles extend across small start-ups such as Virtual Flair Software and Salem Cyber.

Educational Background

Michael is a large believer in self-drive, dedication, and life-time learning. He is largely self-taught as a programmer.

Personal Interests

Michael prefers learning and reading above anything else. However, gardening, cooking, and programming are all frequented past-times.

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