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Jon Bagg
Founder & CEO


Jon is our technical founder and resident cybersecurity expert. He came up with the core idea for Salem Cyber after over a decade of growing up on cybersecurity in managed services, blue team analytics, cyber technology, and cyber defense consulting.

Why Salem

During his cyber career, Jon experienced the pervasive problems of alert fatigue and uncovered risk first-hand. A believer in the power of human creativity, Jon created the concept for Salem the AI Cyber Analyst to end alert fatigue and reduce uncovered risk by scaling that power to perform cyber threat analysis at machine speed.


Jon is primarily responsible for Salem’s technical, product development, and cybersecurity activities. He also shares executive responsibilities with Trevor.

Career Highlights

Prior to founding Salem Cyber, Jon was a Director of Commercial Cyber Defense Services with Booz Allen, supporting Fortune 500 organizations with cyber detection technology implementation and cyber operations uplift. Jon started his cyber journey in managed security services with Verizon Business.

Educational Background

Jon holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Maryland.

Personal Interests

Jon spends his free time enjoying the water, skiing the White Mountains, and spending summers on the lake.

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