Salem Cyber
A company that recognizes the power of people

We believe...

Institutional knowledge is shared between people as an oral history

People make the best analysts, but have finite decision-making capacity

AI exists to scale the impact of people's knowledge and expertise

How it started

Salem was created by a former cyber threat detection specialist and operations leader looking for an innovative solution to provide necessary scale to the SOC alert triage and threat validation mission. Salem was designed from the ground up to approach security operations from a human perspective: replicating tradecraft, analysis, and collaborative characteristics of top cyber analysts. Salem’s approach is not to replace people but to collaborate with them to achieve far greater output and value than either group could on its own.

Our Purpose

Our goal with Salem is to provide enterprise level cyber tradecraft to organizations of all sizes to address the scale challenges of cyber alert investigations and thread validation. In service of that mission, we believe Salem must be easy to implement, natural to engage with, and cost-efficient.

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